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What is The Voice of Insurance?

The Voice of Insurance is the place where the industry comes to listen to original thinkers from the world of insurance.

Its podcasts are a place to meet industry leaders close up.

Together we re-examine and challenge long-held beliefs, received wisdom and Insurance myths and taboos.

Join us in looking at things from a different perspective.

Think you already know Insurance?

The way you think about insurance may never be the same again!

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After stellar growth the Insider was sold to multinational publisher Euromoney Plc in 2014.

Now Mark has formed The Voice of Insurance to push boundaries and use his unique experience, relationships, access and understanding to bring you the most incisive and insightful global Insurance audio content.

Lime Street perspective9

29 Years ago Mark became an Insurance and Reinsurance broker, working in London and Madrid.

In 2005 Mark became an Insurance and Reinsurance journalist. In 2008 he joined The Insurance Insider, which grew to be the most successful and influential insurance publication in the industry.


He is the only Insurance journalist to have had a career transacting international insurance and reinsurance business.

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Mark Geoghegan, Editor

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